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Weekly Town Crier

p>After a long hard week, enjoy this list of random links that we feel you may want to check out. Some may involve design, some may involve small business and others may just be something random we find interesting. Keep checking our site each Friday to find out what inspires or interests us. Feel free to email suggestions.

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Single-serve vino? Nice…

Learning how to make excuses.

Here’s how to create a backup strategy.

Mmm batch grillin’ chicken!

One person’s junk is another person’s…junk?

You be the judge.

Nice video to watch.

  • The story about Austin is the sad Cycle we always see.
    Town with low rent attracts artists, musicians, and others, who care about where they LIVE not what it’s purported VALUE is. They make a community that has a unique QUALITY, a character – something everyone else wants, but they want to purchase it, not stop and make a community where they are. They purchase it, find that they can’t really own it, and begin to up root the cool that was there. the land values increase and the artists and musicians and locals can’t afford to live there, then it becomes a bland wasteland.

    Anywhere can be cool – if the people turn off the TV and make the community where they are.

    Thanks for the post!

    Matt McKee

    June 18, 2010